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Transferring Your Email Account to C Spire

Published 08/05/2015 02:50 PM   |    Updated 08/26/2016 12:35 PM

When you transfer your service to C Spire, your email account with your old provider will eventually be turned off. To ensure that you do not lose your contacts and your old email, please follow these steps:

  1. Create your new C Spire email account
  2. Notify known email contacts of your new email address
  3. Update email address on online billing statements and online accounts
  4. Create a free Gmail account
  5. Follow steps of this link\ to import contacts and emails from old account
  6. Setup auto-forwarding while your old email account is still active
  7. Once you verify that your emails were imported to the Gmail account you will need to open this link:
  8. Setup auto-forwarding from Gmail account to new C Spire account

    Note: Emails from the previous email account that were forwarded to Gmail cannot be forwarded from Gmail to the new C Spire email account. Only new, incoming emails will come to the C Spire account from Gmail, using the auto-forwarding.

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