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About the Whole Home DVR

Published 08/21/2015 02:51 PM   |    Updated 09/21/2016 01:33 PM
The Whole Home DVR concept is made up of one primary DVR with secondary DVRs for additional TVs. You can record programming and order movies on the primary DVR, which can then be accessed by all of the secondary DVRs in your home.

The primary DVR has a 1TB hard drive and can record up to 400 hours of HD video on six channels simultaneously. Each additional TV in your home uses a secondary DVR that can access and watch the programming recorded by the primary DVR. From a secondary DVR, you can also schedule programming to be recorded on the primary DVR or order an on-demand movie to watch on any TV.

One primary DVR and remote control are included with Super HD™ TV service.

Download the DVR User Manual
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