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Lost or Stolen Device

Published 09/01/2015 08:10 AM   |    Updated 11/29/2016 02:57 PM
What do I do if my device is lost or stolen?

If your device is lost or stolen, contact us as soon as possible by calling 1-855-CSPIRE5 (277-4735). From the time we're notified, we'll automatically reject any calls or usage made from your device.

You can also sign in to the My Account service and suspend the device so it is no longer operational.

From your My Account home screen, click Manage Lines.

The Manage Lines button is a quick link to all of your mobile numbers.

View the line details for the mobile number you want to suspend, and click the Suspend this Line link next to the picture of the device.

The Suspend This Line link lets you temporarily suspend a mobile number.

If you locate your device, you can unsuspend the line through My Account as well. Just view the line details for the device and click the RESTORE button.

Please note that suspending a line does not stop billing. You will continue to be billed for this line. If you don't think the device will be recovered, please contact us to discuss your options.

If your device has been stolen, please contact the police and file a report as soon as possible.

If someone attempts to activate a device that has been reported stolen, we will contact the account holder. We can only keep the device if we can confirm that a police report has been filed.

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