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Automatic Overage Protection

Published 09/01/2015 09:19 AM   |    Updated 11/11/2016 02:06 PM
What is Automatic Overage Protection?

Automatic Overage Protection is a feature of several of our plans that prevents you from receiving surprise overage charges.

Here's how it works:

  • We'll send you a text message to warn you when you have 20% of your monthly data remaining.
  • If you reach your data limit, we'll text you again, pause your data service, and let you decide if you want more.
  • If you want more data, you can purchase a Top Up Data Pass or switch to Wi-Fi and keep your bill the same for the month.

What can you do if you use all of your data before the month is up?

  • Option #1 - Buy a Top Up Data Pass directly from your phone. (500MB for $10, 1GB for $15 or 3GB for $45)
  • Option #2 - Use Wi-Fi until your monthly data renews on your next billing cycle.

Please note: On a Shared Data Plan, one person on the account is designated as the Authorized Data Manager. This is the person who will receive the text messages about everyone's data usage and is the only person who can purchase a Top Up Data Pass. Data from a Top Up Pass is shared among all shared users on the account.

Top Up Data Passes can only be purchased while using the C Spire network - not while using Wi-Fi. This means that if you're currently using Wi-Fi, you'll need to temporarily turn it off in order to buy a Top Up Data Pass.

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