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iOS Data Transfer and Backup Instructions

Published 11/17/2015 10:30 AM   |    Updated 08/26/2016 12:35 PM

As an iPhone user, you can backup and transfer your data via iTunes (a program on Windows PC's and Mac's) and iCloud, so you never have to worry about losing anything!

iTunes Backup:

iTunes is a free program that can be downloaded on Windows PC's and is preinstalled on Mac PC's. It is commonly used to play your favorite tunes, and it can also be used to shop for your favorite apps, books, music, movies and TV shows. Additionally, it can be used to back-up and transfer your data from one iPhone to another iPhone.

Make a Backup using iTunes:

iCloud Backup:

iCloud is a free program that can be used directly from your device. Use iCloud to back up wirelessly to the cloud. When you do, your iPhone will back up overnight when you're not using it. Just be sure it's on Wi-Fi and charging.

Make a Backup using iCloud:

Transfer from an Android to an iPhone:

If you are switching from an Android device to an iPhone, you can use the Apple App "Move to iOS". Directions for this application are located in the link below:

Move to iOS:

Transfer from an iPhone to an Android:

If you are switching from an iPhone to an Android, you can use the data transfer option provided by the specific manufacturer of your new device:

Samsung Smart Switch:
Motorola Migrate:
HTC Transfer Tool:

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