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All About Restart TV

Published 05/06/2016 03:41 PM   |    Updated 09/22/2016 03:11 PM

In this video, we introduce you to one of our favorite C Spire Fiber TV features: Restart TV.

C Spire’s Restart TV feature allows you to restart a TV program that is already in progress, from the beginning, whether or not you're currently recording that program on your DVR.

Restart TV is great for when you're a bit late and miss the start of your show or if you catch a show or game mid­way through and you want to start from the beginning.

While not available on all channels (due to network requirements), Restart TV is available on about 20 of the most popular Super HD™ TV channels. When selecting which channels to offer Restart TV on, we looked through a full year of viewership statistics and picked those channels most popular in each of our Service Areas (Jackson Metro, Quitman, Starkville).

  See what channels have the Restart TV feature.
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