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Viewing the Details for Each of Your Lines

Published 06/01/2016 02:54 PM   |    Updated 06/02/2016 01:07 PM
How do I view the details for each line on my account?

When you manage your C Spire account online, you can view the billing and usage details for each of your lines.

Sign in to your online account and look in the Do column on the right side of the screen. Choose Manage Lines. This will take you to the Your Lines section. The Your Lines section is where you will be able to view the services and usage for each line individually. (When using our mobile site, you'll see the Your Lines section immediately after signing in.)

Manage LInes

The details for the first line on your account will already be expanded for you. In this expanded view, you'll see your next billing cycle date along with phone contract dates or Device Payment Plan information. If you don't see any contract dates or DPP information below your billing cycle date, this means that your device is no longer under a contract. From here, you'll also be able to change your plan and features, troubleshoot or file a warranty claim on your device, and view voice and data usage.

Your Lines

  1. This is the date your next billing cycle begins.
  2. This area indicates whether this device is still under contract. In this example, the device is still under a 2-year promotional contract ending in November 2016.
    Here are examples of the different types of information you could see in this section.

    No Contract
    No information below the billing cycle date indicates that the device is no longer in a contract.

    Device Payment Plan
    The device in this example is in a Device Payment Plan. You can see how many months remain and the balance owed on the device.

Below this information, you'll see a button labeled View Usage Details. Click or tap this button to view your voice, text and data usage. The usage details displayed are for the current billing cycle. If you have unlimited voice, text messages or data on your plan, your usage will always read "Unlimited." If one of these components isn't unlimited, you'll be able to see current usage here.

For example, if one of the lines on your account is on a plan that includes 3GB of data each month, you'll see a progress bar showing how much data has been used out of the monthly total.

Data Used

To view the details for each additional line on your account, click or tap the Show Details button. Conversely, click the Hide Details button to close the details for any expanded line.

All Lines

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