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About C Spire Fiber

Published 08/03/2016 10:06 AM   |    Updated 08/10/2016 09:27 AM
This article provides information about the suite of C Spire Fiber products and services.

C Spire Fiber is a revolutionary suite of products and services offered on an ever-expanding basis across Mississippi.

C Spire Fiber currently consists of three product/service offerings:

  • Fiber Optic Internet
  • Super HD™ TV
  • Home Phone

Fiber Optic Internet

We provide Fiber Optic Internet access at highly competitive prices. Fiber Optic Internet is the cornerstone of the C Spire Fiber product offering. We deliver 1 Gigabit speeds to residential customers, which is about 100 times faster than national broadband speed averages.

Fiber Optic Intern has a number of advantages over Cable or DSL Internet including:

  • Gigabit Speed
  • Tremendous bandwidth and throughput
  • Future Proof
  • Increases home values
  • Powers an ever-increasingly connected world

Learn what C Spire Fiber can mean for your area. (1:40)

Check out the C Spire Home Experience.

Super HD™ TV

C Spire Fiber delivers stunning television and video services via our revolutionary gigabit Fiber Optic network. The result is a crystal-clear picture that you've got to see to believe. We offer two main tiers of channel lineups in addition to a wealth of premium content from HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and others.

The C Spire Super HD™ TV service includes the following components:

Standard TV Package
Local channels + over 150 HD TV and HD audio channels
See the Standard channel lineup.

Expanded TV Package
Local channels + over 200 HD TV and HD audio channels
See the Expanded channel lineup.

Premium Channels
Access to movies and today's most popular series from HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Encore and Starz. And you'll have access to viewing these channels outside of the home with the networks' mobile apps (e.g., HBO Go and Showtime Anytime).
Check out the premium channels available.

Whole Home DVR
A 1 Terabyte Hard Drive is shared with all TVs in your home. That means you'll have approximately 400 hours of HD recording space, can record up to six shows simultaneously, and can pick up where you left off on any TV.

Video on Demand
Approximately 11,000 titles including the latest movies and episodes from your favorite TV shows.

Pay Per View
Access to pay-per-view events like boxing matches, concerts, mixed martial arts, wrestling and more.

Home Phone

Our Home Phone product combines unsurpassed call quality with advanced features to deliver tremendous value.

Free Premium Phone Features:

  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling
  • Call Blocking
  • Call Forward Busy and Call Forward No Answer
  • Call Return
  • Call Waiting Deluxe
  • Repeat Dialing
  • Ringmaster Number
  • Speed Dialing
  • 3-Way Calling

Additional Free Services (available upon request)
  • Digital Voicemail
  • 900-Number Call Blocking
  • International Call Blocking
  • Toll Call Blocking

Privacy Features (available for an additional fee)
  • Non-Listed Number
  • Non-Published Number

Learn more about our Home Phone service.

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