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Bring C Spire Fiber To Your Neighborhood

Published 08/03/2016 01:52 PM   |    Updated 08/10/2016 01:03 PM
This article provides background information on how C Spire brings Fiber to your neighborhood and ultimately connects the services to your home.

Delivering our suite of C Spire Fiber services to your neighborhood is no easy feat. In fact, we like to think of it as a well-orchestrated ballet with various teams across our organization playing different roles at different times in the process. While all neighborhoods are different and pose unique challenges, these are the steps we routinely take to deliver our 1Gbps Internet, Super HD™ TV and Home Phone services to your neck of the woods.

Throughout the process, we will stay in contact with you via emai,l letting you know the status of the build and when it's time to schedule your installation.


The Engineering phase takes place after your neighborhood has qualified for C Spire Fiber service. Our team of engineers surveys the area and draws up plans on how best to deploy the fiber-optic cabling throughout your neighborhood, taking into account the need for network redundancy and other important factors. Once the plans have been created, we submit them to your local government for approval.


Once we have received approval for our plans, we then put shovels to the ground and get busy installing your area's Gigabit IP network. This is the network that will deliver 1Gbps Internet speeds to your home. We install the majority of this network using Directional Boring or Directional Drilling. This is a technique which enables us to bury the fiber-optic cables in the ground while minimizing the need to dig up lawns, streets and sidewalks. This is because directional boring allows us to dig horizontally under the surface up to 500 feet!

While Directional Boring minimizes the aesthetic impact on a neighborhood, it's important to remember that we are digging in the ground and some disruption of the landscape can be expected. We endeavor, however, to leave every location in better shape than when we started. We have a great track record of working with home owners' associations and neighbors to ensure our activities have as little impact as possible.

During this period, you'll see our construction teams out on your street digging trenches and spooling off huge wheels of fiber-optic conduit.


Once our construction crews have completed the infrastructure deployment, we then begin installing C Spire Fiber to individuals premises. At this point we invite you to schedule your install. Depending on how large your home is and the number of TVs you want connected, the actual installation can take anywhere from two to eight hours.

During the installation process, our technicians will work with you to determine the best placement for your wireless access points to ensure your particular home has the best Wi-Fi coverage possible.

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