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Upgrading Your Device

Published 08/31/2016 09:51 AM   |    Updated 09/02/2016 10:22 AM


The Early Upgrade Package is dependent on the type of contract you are upgrading from. The prices quoted below are subject to change. If you currently have a smartphone, your Early Upgrade Cost will be significantly higher than if you have a basic phone. The reason for this is because the retail value of the Smartphone is significantly higher than the cost of a basic device. The good news is that with C Spire, you can upgrade at any time within your two year agreement!

If you initially purchased your device with a Promotional Offer Contract, your Early Upgrade Package will cost as follows:

Once you have completed: Your cost with a smartphone will be: Your cost with a basic device will be:
0 to 5 months $500 $180
6 to 8 months $400 $140
9 to 11 months $350 $120
12 to 14 months $190 $80
15 to 17 months $170 $60
18 to 20 months $90 $40
21 to 23 months $40 $20

If you initially purchased your device with a Device Payment Plan (DPP), your Early Upgrade Package will vary depending on the amount remaining for your device. In order to be eligible for an Early Upgrade while on DPP, your device must be in good, working condition with no damage.

How To

To upgrade your device online, visit and log into your online account. Scroll down and select the Line Details for the line that you wish to upgrade. On the right side of the screen, select Upgrade My Phone. This cannot be done if you currently have a past due balance.
Network screenshot
Our online guide will walk you step by step through the upgrade process.

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