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Setting Up a Mobile Hotspot

Published 08/31/2016 10:22 AM   |    Updated 09/02/2016 10:26 AM

BandRich P530

The instruction manual can be found here.

Connecting via Wi-Fi:

  1. Slide the device to power on the hotspot.
  2. Once the service & Wi-Fi lights are ON, open the available Wi-Fi network list on the device/PC and select "C Spire 4G LTE Hotspot"
  3. Enter the passkey for the Wi-Fi network. *The default passkey is found on a sticker under the battery. It is the last 8 characters in the MAC ID of the device. You can change this by logging into the Admin Site.

Connecting via USB:

  1. Slide the device to power on the hotspot.
  2. Plug the device into the PC using the USB cable.
    • You may see a pop-up on the PC showing "Installing Device Drivers/Software" in the bottom right of their screen, near the system tray.
    • If auto-run is enabled, you should see a pop-up where they should select RUN: Network screenshot
      *If this does not pop up automatically after a few minutes, the customer can access this by going to Start& gt; Computer > Devices with Removable Storage:
    • Install Shield Wizard will install drivers. Follow the prompts to install and when completed, click Finish.
  3. Once the drivers are installed, the customer should be able to simply connect the device via the USB cable and wait a few moments for the device to establish a connection.
  4. You can then access the device admin page opening their browser and entering "" or browse the web.
    Network screenshot

Changing the Network Passkey:

  1. Connect to the hotspot via wifi or USB.
  2. Open a web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome) and enter the admin IP address:
  3. Login as Admin, default password is "Admin" and is case-sensitive.
  4. Click on the Advanced Settings option, then the Wi-Fi tab, and then select Security.
  5. The Wi-Fi passkey can be changed here. After editing the passkey, the customer must click Save.

*IF you forget the Wi-Fi network passkey, the device can be factory reset to default settings by pressing and holding the WPS button on the left side. Press and hold the WPS Button for 10+ seconds. When the button is released, the device will reset.

Franklin Wireless C Spire Mobile Hotspot

The instruction manual can be found here.


  1. Power the C Spire Mobile Hotspot ON.
  2. Once card is powered on and displays signal on the screen, open the available Wi-Fi network list on the PC/Tablet/Device you are connecting with and select "C Spire 4G LTE Hotspot".
  3. Enter the Wi-Fi passkey. The R772 is an open network with no passkey until the customer sets their own password. The R774 passkey is displayed on the device screen.
  4. Open Internet Explorer or browser on the connected device (PC/Tablet/Etc) and enter the following IP address to access the admin site for the hotspot:


  1. Verify that you are connected to the correct Wi-Fi network- C Spire 4G LTE Hotspot.
  2. If the you have changed the Wi-Fi password, verify it is entered correctly when connecting to the C Spire 4G LTE Hotspot network.
  3. Power the card OFF for a few seconds and then power it back ON, allowing it to reboot.
  4. Retry the connection.


  1. Open the browser on the Wi-Fi connected reference device, and enter the Admin page IP by typing into the address bar. Sign in as the Administrator using the password "admin" (top right).
  2. Select the "WiFi" tab, then "Wi-Fi Profiles"
  3. Select the Security drop down box.
  4. Select the "WPAPSK" option for Security.
  5. Enter a password and Save. The card will then reboot and the you will need to reconnect.


  1. Open the browser on the Wi-Fi connected reference device, and enter the URL by typing in http://cspire-admin. Sign in as the Administrator using the "admin" password:
  2. Select the "Settings" tab, then "Advanced Settings"
  3. Select the General Settings drop down box, then select Advanced Settings Password
  4. Enter the old and new passwords, then Save.

**If this password is forgotten, the device will need to be reset using the button on the back under the cover**

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