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Bonus Data for Employees of C Spire Business and Government Accounts

Published 10/21/2016 08:06 AM   |    Updated 10/21/2016 08:06 AM

If you work for a business or government agency that has a C Spire Wireless account, you're eligible to receive bonus data on your consumer account.

Get an additional 1GB of data each month on a qualifying individual data plan or up to 5GB of additional data each month on a qualifying shared data plan. The bonus data is applied to the account.

Learn more about the MVP Bonus Data program.

Providing Proof of Employment

Proof of employment is required before being able to receive the bonus data. This information can be submitted via email or in a C Spire store.

Email - Complete this form and email it along with a copy of your proof of employment to

In Stores - Take one of the following types of proof of employment to a C Spire store and ask if your plan is eligible for monthly bonus data.

  • Business Card
  • ID Badge
  • Pay Stub
  • Military ID
  • Department of Defense ID

At least one person on a consumer account must be employed by a C Spire business or government customer in order to qualify for the bonus data.

Please note that business accounts must have at least 10 C Spire lines in order for its employees to qualify for the MVP Bonus Data. MVP Bonus Data is only available on certain postpaid plans.

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