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Setting Up Your Online Account

Published 12/22/2016 01:14 PM   |    Updated 12/23/2016 10:24 AM

Before setting up your My C Spire online account, you will need your C Spire Business or Government account number and your Tax ID number. If you don't have your C Spire account number, please contact us using the appropriate email address below or by calling 1-855-CSPIRE2 (277-4732) to request it.

My C Spire is the online account section of our website. You can access My C Spire from anywhere on our site by looking for the Sign In link in the top right corner of your screen.

If you're on a mobile device, just click the menu in the top right corner (the three horizontal lines) and tap My C Spire.

Accessing My C Spire brings you to a sign-in screen. If you haven't set up your business or government online account yet, click Register.

Register to manage your account online.

 Enter your mobile number and click CONTINUE to begin the registration process.

Enter your wireless number to begin registration.

We use your mobile number to verify your identity. After you register to use the My C Spire service, we'll send you a text message containing a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). You'll need to enter this PIN in order to complete the registration process.


If you entered a C Spire mobile number, we may already know who you are. If so, you'll see a truncated version of your name on the first line. (If the information displayed isn't yours, please select the link "click here if this is not your information.")

If these fields are blank, enter your name and email address.

Set up your account information.

 Select a username and password.

Passwords must be between six and 20 characters and can only include letters and numbers. Your username and password are case sensitive. When you sign in to manage your account, you'll need to enter your username and password exactly as you did during this registration.

You can also let us know if someone referred you to C Spire by entering his or her mobile number in the space provided.

 Enter your account information.
 Answer the security questions.
 Select your billing method.

Continue by entering your C Spire account number and business or agency Tax ID number, and choosing three security questions. Your answers to the security questions will be used to further safeguard your account information should it become necessary.

In this section, you'll also choose how you would like to receive your bill: via email or through postal mail. Regardless the method you select, you'll always be able to access and print your bill for the past 18 months through My C Spire.

Enter your account information.

You can opt in to our PERCS rewards program by selecting "Yes, I Agree." To skip this, select "No."

PERCS registration


At this point, a text message with a four-digit PIN is being sent to the mobile number you used when you began registration. Once you receive the text message, enter the PIN here and click Finish.

Enter the four-digit PIN you received via text to complete registration.

Then, you're done!

You've successfully registered to manage your account online.

You can now sign in to My C Spire to manage your account online.

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