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  1. About the Whole Home DVR The Whole Home DVR concept is made up of one primary DVR with secondary DVRs for additional TVs. You can record programming and order movies on the primary DVR, which can then be accessed by all of... Date Updated: 09/21/2016
  2. Parental Controls for TV & Video You have the ability to restrict access to programming by title, rating, channel and time of day. Once set, viewers will need a special Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access these programs... Date Updated: 09/22/2016
  3. Pair Your C Spire Remote With Your TV WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: This article teaches how to pair your C Spire remote with your TV. Pairing your remote enables you to utilize your C Spire remote to turn the TV on/off and adjust the volume among... Date Updated: 08/26/2016
  4. What is TV Everywhere? TV Everywhere (TVE) refers to the method of watching video content on a device that is not a traditional TV. Whether that's via your laptop, tablet, smartphone, streaming device or game system, C... Date Updated: 08/26/2016
  5. Can I watch TV on my mobile device? Yes, you can watch a huge selection of TV Everywhere (TVE) content via your mobile device. What is TV Everywhere? Super HD™ TV customers have access to today's hottest shows, movies and sports... Date Updated: 09/22/2016
  6. Ordering On-Demand Movies & Pay-Per-View Events Yes, we have a Video on Demand service through which you can rent movies and events. If you order an on-demand program or pay-per-view event on your primary DVR, you can choose to watch it on any of... Date Updated: 09/21/2016
  7. Parental Controls – Keeping You In Control C Spire has created a suite of Parental Controls that let you manage the types of TV Shows and Movies your kids can access. Putting you in control of what your kids can and can't watch is just... Date Updated: 09/22/2016
  8. Can I view a recorded program on any TV in my house? Yes, you can watch your recorded programming on any TV with a C Spire DVR (either primary or secondary). Date Updated: 09/22/2016
  9. Accessing Video On Demand Movies (1:37) Learn how to browse and rent Video on Demand (VOD) titles on the C Spire Super HD™ TV system. Each month, we deliver over 10,000 VOD titles showcasing the latest TV episodes for your favorite shows... Date Updated: 09/21/2016
  10. Program Guide (1:35) The C Spire Super HD™ TV Program Guide is the central feature of your video service. It offers complete program listings, show times, descriptions and ratings. It even indicates if the... Date Updated: 09/22/2016
  11. Controlling Live TV (1:21) It used to be if you missed a moment of your favorite show or wanted to watch your favorite team catch that touchdown again, you were sadly out of luck. C Spire Fiber TV, however, provides you... Date Updated: 09/26/2016
  12. Recording Programs & Setting Reminders (3:30) One of our video service's most popular features is the ability to record programs and whole TV series for viewing at a time most convenient to you. This technology is often referred to as a Digital... Date Updated: 09/22/2016
  13. What's Hot App (0:46) Despite hundreds of TV channels and thousands of Video-On-Demand titles to watch, we sometimes find ourselves lost without anything compelling to watch. C Spire has your TV and entertainment... Date Updated: 09/22/2016
  14. Set-Top Box Settings (4:31) The Settings Menu lets you customize many aspects of your Super HD™ TV viewing experience. Popular settings adjustments can be found within the Settings Menu such as Display Settings and Guide... Date Updated: 09/22/2016
  15. How to Order Pay Per View Here, we show how to browse and rent Pay Per View (PPV) events on the C Spire Super HD™ TV system. Each month, C Spire brings dozens of titles including big-name concerts, professional wrestling... Date Updated: 09/21/2016
  16. All About Restart TV In this video, we introduce you to one of our favorite C Spire Fiber TV features: Restart TV. C Spire’s Restart TV feature allows you to restart a TV program that is already in progress, from... Date Updated: 09/22/2016
  17. Link to a URL Super HD™ TV Channel Lineup Date Updated: 07/05/2017
  18. TV Favorites - Willow/2nd Gen Remote (2:22) Studies have shown that most people watch on average only 10 or so channels yet C Spire Super HD™ TV includes literally hundreds of amazing All HD, All The Time options. One way to remove... Date Updated: 09/26/2016