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  1. How to Back Up Your Android Device (3:43) Learn how to back up and transfer your pictures, videos, and contacts on your Android smartphone. This guide will walk you through the process of protecting the content on your Samsung, LG, Motorola... Date Updated: 04/07/2016
  2. How to Back Up Your iPhone (3:59) Learn how to back up and transfer your pictures, videos, and contacts on your iPhone. This guide will walk you through the process of protecting the content on your iPhone using iCloud or a computer. Date Updated: 04/07/2016
  3. Will your device work on our network? Do you have a spare smartphone lying around? Will it work on C Spire's network? There's an easy way to find out. Is your device compatible with our network? Click here to find out if you can use... Date Updated: 03/20/2017
  4. Data Transfer and Device Backup Instructions There are many reasons why you need to back up your smartphone regularly. There are certain situations that might be out of your control, in which you want to make sure you are able to keep... Date Updated: 08/26/2016
  5. File Type pdf Franklin Wireless R871 LTE Mobile Hotspot Date Updated: 03/13/2017
  6. Service-Related Issues Phone Calls Verify your signal strength. Be sure that you have significant signal strength to be able to place or receive the call. Power your device off and back on. Verify there are no... Date Updated: 10/18/2016
  7. Setting Up a Mobile Hotspot BandRich P530 The instruction manual can be found here . Connecting via Wi-Fi: Slide the device to power on the hotspot. Once the service & Wi-Fi lights are ON, open the available Wi-Fi network... Date Updated: 09/02/2016
  8. Insurance for Your Device All of the devices we sell come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. Purchasing insurance for your device extends your coverage to two years and may also cover issues that the manufacturer's... Date Updated: 11/11/2016
  9. Fix, Troubleshoot or Warranty for Your Device If you're having problems with your device or think you may have a warranty issue, we can help. Get started now. Once you've signed in to your online account, select the "Troubleshoot Device" button... Date Updated: 01/17/2017
  10. File Type pdf C Spire Mobile Hotspot R772 User Manual Date Updated: 01/07/2016
  11. Activating Your Device Online To activate your device online, you'll need the following information: Mobile number of the device being activated Last four digits of the Social Security Number or Tax ID Number used to set up the... Date Updated: 01/07/2016
  12. AppleCare+ - Protection for you iPhone and iPad All iPhones and iPads come with one year of hardware repair coverage through a limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary support. AppleCare+ extends hardware repair and telephone technical... Date Updated: 02/10/2017
  13. Software Updates The links below include information needed to upgrade your device's operating system. Please make sure to back up your device before upgrading it.   Android Update... Date Updated: 08/26/2016
  14. iOS Data Transfer and Backup Instructions As an iPhone user, you can backup and transfer your data via iTunes (a program on Windows PC's and Mac's) and iCloud, so you never have to worry about losing anything! iTunes Backup: iTunes is a free... Date Updated: 08/26/2016
  15. How to Remove a Device Lock Date Updated: 01/20/2017
  16. Blocking a Number From iPhone and Android Devices Select your device type for instructions on how to block phone numbers: iPhone Android iPhone To block a phone number on an iPhone, the number must first be added to your Contacts. Once added to your... Date Updated: 07/19/2016
  17. Top Troubleshooting Tips Date Updated: 10/06/2016
  18. File Type pdf Unimax 570 User Manual Date Updated: 01/07/2016
  19. Samsung Data Transfer and Backup Instructions As an Android user, your Google account (Gmail in most cases) can also be used as a cloud storage solution. Contacts (most Androids): To back up and restore your contacts on most Androids, you can... Date Updated: 08/26/2016
  20. File Type pdf LG K8 User Manual Date Updated: 08/26/2016